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5 popular flooring for homes

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How to choose the best flooring for your home

Are you having a headache over what type of flooring to choose for your homes? Overwhelmed by the choices and jargons mentioned by sellers and friends alike? Well, do not be alarmed, as these are
common anxieties faced by homeowners when deciding their floor decor. Indeed, there are many different types of flooring choices available, depending very much on the outlook, styles and more importantly, the location of the flooring that you want to apply on. Nevertheless, there are 5 top flooring choices that are popular, and this means they come in affordable price too.

The first amongst the flooring types are the laminate type, the popular one being the white laminate flooring, since the white color gives off feeling of spaciousness and ambience. Cheapest in its category, this type of flooring is a very strong and durable surface, most suitable for high traffic areas. Laminate flooring comes in variety of colors and patterns, and can resemble any type of wood that you choose, since the only part of the flooring which has the wood pattern is the laminate layer, and artificial wood patters can be obtained easily. Maintenance and installation is easy for this type of flooring, and installation can even be done by homeowners themselves. The downside to this material is that is can be scratched easily, and cannot be refinished. Installation of this material is possible, but choose the laminate that has moisture protection layer.

If you are the one who values natural wood finishing, then hardwood flooring is the one. Hardwood flooring is made entirely of natural wood and as such, it has increased value overtime to your home when you put your home in the market. The plus point for this type of flooring is that you can refinish it when it is old and worn out, and it looks very elegant and classy. However, this material is sensitive to moisture and may easily warp. Dings and dents can be easily observed too for this type of flooring material. This type of flooring is much more expensive than its laminate counterpart.

Stone is also another type of flooring that you can consider. Stone flooring has actually been popular since the ancient times, and it is a nearly indestructible type of flooring. It looks classy and it adds investment value to your home, just like hardwood floor. When applied some sealant material on stone flooring, it is resistant to water and moisture. The downside to this type of flooring is its cost, and will get cold when the weather is cold. It can also get slippery when wet, and installation can be a challenge. High maintenance is needed for it too, as regular cleaning is required. This type of flooring is quite similar to the stained concrete patio that some homeowners opt for their garden and outdoor areas.

Using tiles can be a great solution for high traffic areas in your home. Tiles are easily replaceable, and is extremely durable. This type of material is meant to be used for wet places, but may become slippery when wet. However, tiles can be easily chipped or cracked when objects with considerable weight are dropped on them.

Carpet is another floor covering choice. Depending on the type, material and size of the carpet, it can be really cheap, or it can be as costly as hardwood flooring or stone flooring. However, with carpeting, you get to choose from a variety of patterns and colors to match with your house decor. Carpets may not be the long lasting solution for flooring, as it is easily susceptible to wear and tear. However, this issue may be somewhat resolved with modular carpet tiles available these days, where the worn out carpet tile can be popped out and replaced with a new one. Whatever type of flooring you choose, you can always mix and match, and apply different types of flooring in different areas of your home.

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