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5 benefits of using organic hair and skin treatment products

organic hair and skin care

Best organic hair care methods

Do you find yourself scratching constantly at your head eventhough you’ve just finished washing your hair? Or found that there are loads of dandruffs falling off your hair after using that anti-dandruff shampoo which promises dandruff free solution? Well, don’t be surprised that these are pretty common problems that come when one is using inorganic chemicals for hair treatment. As human age, their hair goes through various stage of change, and the most common worries are hair loss and graying. Thus it is even more important to use the correct hair care products as you age. Let’s look at the 5 benefits of using organic haircare products and how it can help you in detail:

1) You’re not applying man-made unnatural chemicals into your head – this reason alone should convince you to switch to organic hair care. Man-made chemicals are cheaper for mass production and hence, majority of the haircare products you find in the common market shelf will contain chemicals that are proven to be harmful to you, your hair, and the environment. Cancer causing chemicals can also be found in these haircare products and should be avoided. In particular, avoid products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Mureth Sulfate, Siloxanes, Derivatives of Lauryl Alcohol Mureth Sulfate, Propylene Glycol (Antifreeze), Olefin Sulfonate (Deodorized Kerosene). Natural and organic hair care products such as shea moisture products do not contain these chemicals. In fact, they usually contain no more than 8 ingredients in them.

2) You can avoid allegic reactions by using organic hair care products – allergic reactions are usually linked to excessive usage of chemicals, and by avoiding this, most allergic reactions can be avoided.

3) Environmental friendly – Inorganic chemicals takes years, decades and centuries for the earth to absorb and process them back to nature’s cycle – they are non-biodegradeable. By using organic and natural hair care products, not only are you preserving nature, you are ensuring that the earth has a longer lifespan for future generations.

4) Nature’s way is always the best way – Notice that how the humans of a long ago era has a longer lifespan compared to the current human lifespan now? There weren’t many inorganic chemicals or products back then. These people knew that all the answers come from nature herself – coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter and tea tree oil were the solutions, and not surprisingly, all natural and organic hair care products contain them.

5) Avoid chemicals build up in your hair – most synthetic hair care product tend to form layers of coating on your scalp and hair strands over time. These chemical build up can weaken your hair, leaving them dull and unmanageable over time. That’s because when synthetic chemicals are absorbed by your hair, they form a coating and prevent moisture from being absorbed into the hair strand. Clogged cuticles will cause dry and brittle hair.

Natural acne treatment will work better for you.

The same reasons apply to skincare and acne treatment. Natural and organic acne treatment are less harsh and will not irritate your skin. They will usually not worsen your skin condition, as most inorganic skincare products do. Some home remedies for acne treatment are listed below:

Tea tree oil – this oil contains terpinen-4-ol, which can eliminate bacteria permanently. After cleansing your face, apply 30-45 drops of tea tree oil mixed with filtered water on your face for a while, and clean them off.

shea butter – shea butter acne treatment is another popular organic treatment that works. Shea butter is known for their vast healing properties and is an excellent moisturizer. A recommended usage would be to mix shea butter with essential oil and mix them together. Wash your face with facial cleanser to clean the clogged pores first, and then apply the shea butter mixture onto your face. You can leave them overnight of at least 8 hours for better rresult.

orange pack – Mix peeled orange with water and apply them on the affected area.

Cucumber – For a quick relief of acne and pimples, you may try applying grated pieces of cucumber over the affected areas.

Garlic and clove – Rubbing fresh garlic an clove on the acne and pimples area may help to improve the condition

Mint juice – It is highly rich in nutrient and a natural substance which have anti inflammation properties. It can help reduce acne when applied on the face.

Fenugreek leaves – Leaving a paste of these leaves overnight and washing them off in the moring may help to improve the acne conditions.

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